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Hand Pad Printing Machines Model 606

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STI has developed an inexpensive Pat-A-Print Machine for sampling and short-run production set ups. This fully hand-operated Pad Printing Machine uses bronze and roller bearings and a hardened shaft to insure accuracy of movement of table side to side and head up and down. The doctor blade system is actuated by hand as the cliche is moved under the printing pad. The pad is then manually brought down to pick up the ink, the part is indexed under the printing pad, and the pad is again brought down to print the part.

This unit is ideal for your lab and is handy for running short-run production items. The price makes it attractive for anyone who is now doing pad printing and anyone who is contemplating getting into the Pad Transfer Process.

Part height is not important since the pad is operated manually. The same amount of pressure can be applied to both the cliche and the part even though they are not at the same level on the machine.

This machine has been designed to print up to a 4" diameter print area and has an automatic ink spreading system.

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Item #

Item Name

Cliche Size

Print Area

Maximum Pad Size

Open Height

606 Hand Operated Model 606 5 x 6 in 4 in diameter 5" diameter 6 in
606AW Hand Operated Model 606AW (Auto Wipe) 5 x 6 in 4 in diameter 5" diameter 6 in
606-2SIC Hand Operated Model 606-2SIC Two Color with Ink Cups 5 x 6 in 4 in diameter 5" diameter 6 in
  Results 1 - 3 of 3 1