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Hot Air Staking Machines

Service Tectonics, Inc., a leader in the decorating and assembly of plastics, would like to introduce you to the world of Hot Air Staking. STI is the industry leader in many assembly methods and our new Hot Air Staking System is revolutionizing the assembly of many plastic component parts.

Principle of Operation
  • Jet of super heated air is blown onto the stud.
  • Stud is softened
  • Cold stake forms stud.
The Hot Air Staking Process is accomplished by blowing super heated air onto the stud which softens it to the point where it can then be molded. The cold stake comes into contact with the stud and forms it to the desired shape. At the same time the cold stake starts to cool the stud and within a matter of seconds the plastic is cool enough that the inherent memory in the plastic does not cause the stud to bounce back. A stud staked by hot air is as strong as the plastic itself, and accomplishes a very tight fit.

The Hot Air Staking Process, due to its nature, allows the stud to be formed into any shape desired. A variety of shaped heads are available; the size and the length of the stud will dictate the ultimate shape of the head after staking. This can be worked into virtually any size and shape desired.

Service Tectonics can build your Hot Air Staking Machine precisely to your specifications, to meet the needs of your application. General types of machines that we build are:
  • Single station machine: The heating and staking are all done at one station
  • Two station machine: The heating is done at one station and the staking at the second station.
  • Three station machine: The loading is done at one station, heating at the second station and staking at the third station.
  • Rotary table machine: The heating is done at 1 - 2 consecutive stations, and the staking is done at one station.


Number of Stations

Rotary Table (Heating at 1 - 2 stations, staking at 1)



Plastics Used



Other Plastics




Stud Diameter Range

.040" to 6"
1mm to 15mm

Suggested Stud Ratio

Height of 1 1/2 times diameter

Number of Studs to Stake per Pass

To customer specs; previously built machines have staked up to 60 at a time