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Pad Printing Machines

STI manufactures and sells automatic and semi-automatic machines for printing one to six colors by the pad transfer method. Our automatic machines utilize a racetrack conveyor, a shuttle table or a rotary table for printing. Automatic feeding and ejection of parts can also be added to our machines, or they can be incorporated in in-line operations with other machines giving a completely automatic operation.

Pad printing is being used for more and more decorating applications in our industry. Its versatility in printing on convex, concave, irregular round or flat surfaces makes it the ideal choice for your next printing requirements. Special formulation of inks giving them properties required by different industrial processes allows pad printing to be used on almost every substrate. Multicolor printing is possible since fast drying inks allow for wet on wet printing of parts, and the half tone process for multicolor printing is also available with the STI Pat-A-Print process.

Hot Air Staking Machines

Service Tectonics, Inc., a leader in the decorating and assembly of plastics, would like to introduce you to the world of Hot Air Staking. STI is the industry leader in many assembly methods and our new Hot Air Staking System is revolutionizing the assembly of many plastic component parts.

Principle of Operation
  • Jet of super heated air is blown onto the stud.
  • Stud is softened
  • Cold stake forms stud.
The Hot Air Staking Process is accomplished by blowing super heated air onto the stud which softens it to the point where it can then be molded. The cold stake comes into contact with the stud and forms ...
Model 802 with Rotary and Auto Eject

Special Custom Pad Printing Machines

Service Tectonics builds, designs, and manufactures special and custom pad printing machines to meet specific needs. Various previously built custom machines are listed below; please contact us to discuss the requirements of your special project.
Model 812 with Corona Treater

Other Custom Assembly Machines

Service Tectonics, Inc. builds Custom Assembly Machines to fit the specific needs of your application. We provide services in all areas of the process, from design to manufacture. Our experience with Pad Printing, Hot Air Staking, and Hot Stamping customers allows us to provide expert assistance in designing your custom machine.

We'll work with you to determine the best and most efficient way to design your custom machine, to provide the most seamless and economical integration of the completed machine with your company's process. The information below provides some examples of custom machines that we've previously built, and are not the limit of what we do. We also stock a full line of accessories for all of our machines, ...

Hot Stamping Machines

STI manufactures and sells Hot Stamping Presses. The mechanical action of the press incorporates a pair of rolling ball die-set bushes to ensure long, trouble free life and accurate alignment. The frame is strong but simple with a hydraulic height adjustment and a micro stroke adjustment for fine setting. The unique method of heat insulation confines the heat to the platen where it properly belongs.

The timer is a solid-state, pure-dwell, plug-in module and the heat controller uses a platinum heat sensor to ensure excellent heat control. These features add up to a machine that makes a good impression wherever it is used.

Pad Printing Inks

Inks are the most important part of the pad printing process, and STI offers a wide range of standard colors. The colors shown on your monitor may vary slightly from the actual colors. If your job is color critical, please specify a P.M.S. color, or call us, and we'll be happy to send you a Color Chart.

Pad Printing Pads

For use with any of our pad printing machines, STI sells pad printing pads in a variety of sizes and configurations, including conical shaped pads, roof top shaped pads, and loaf style pads.